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Career Pathing: How to Reverse the Great Resignation

Talent professionals are facing one of the toughest challenges of their careers. Career pathing is the solution.

Employees are re-evaluating their careers and resigning in record numbers, leaving huge gaps in the organization's talent resources and pipeline.

But there is a way to reverse the trend and retain valuable talent.

Career pathing replaces limiting, hierarchical career ladders with flexible career "lattices." This new approach encourages employees to explore a wider variety of career moves that can take them up or down the traditional promotional track as well as into different disciplines, departments, or business units. With more internal opportunities to learn, grow, and explore, employees are motivated to stay rather than look outside the organization for new challenges.


What's Inside

Learn how to design and launch a career path in your organization with this new eBook from HRSG’s expert consultants.

You'll learn:

  • Why career pathing is one of the most effective ways to boost retention and engagement
  • The 6 key positive business outcomes that companies can achieve through career pathing
  • Why a career-pathing program needs to be built with competencies rather than jobs or skills
  • How to create a career pathing (or career mobility) framework to guide program development
  • The 3-step agile approach to accelerating the implementation of a career pathing project

This in-depth guide introduces you to the key concepts, processes, frameworks, and best practices you need to plan, implement, and monitor the success of an effective career pathing program.

Interested in learning more?

Download your copy of the eBook, enhance your knowledge, and start reversing “The Great Resignation” in your organization today.