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Foster great career pathing + employee mobility programs.

Give your employees the tools to build their own internal career paths with CompetencyCore by HRSG.



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Don't just tell employees what their future might hold. Show them the way.

CompetencyCore empowers your employees to create their own roadmap to advancement within your organization. For the first time, employees can truly navigate their world of work, set goals, and see exactly what they need to do to get there.

Help Your Employees Find Their Ideal Role. And get there, too.

Here's how CompetencyCore Career Pathing Works:
1. Map skills & behaviors to all your jobs.

Map skills and behaviors to your existing job descriptions with the click of a mouse, using CompetencyCore's exclusive Competency Suggestion Engine.

2. Empower your employees to build their paths.

With the competencies mapped to your jobs, employees can build their own career paths and see what they need to do to reach their next step, or their dream job.

3. Turn your best talent into your most loyal talent.

With career paths in place, your employees know that the best place for them to develop and grow is within your organization, and understand their routes to advancement.

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"It's all about automation and efficiency that makes it so much easier to manage your stack of roles across the organization... CompetencyCore sped up my project massively."

- Neil Penny
L&D Specialist @ Adaptavist