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Career Pathing Software

Engage Your Employees Like Never Before. CompetencyCore Career Path Navigation helps you:

  • Give employees the power to easily build their own career paths
  • Reduce turnover within your organization
  • Encourage your employees to attain their career goals within your company
  • Improve retention programs at your organization

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Give Employees the Power to Build Their Own Career Path

CompetencyCore empowers your employees to create their own roadmap to advancement within your organization. For the first time, employees can truly navigate their world of work, set goals, and see exactly what they need to do to get there.

Increase the Impact of Your Development Programs

Use our leading-edge career path navigation modules to increase the impact of your career management and employee development programs. CompetencyCore empowers you to engage and develop your in-house talent so you can better attain your business goals together. 


What You Get With CompetencyCore:


Top Notch Jobs & Competency Content

HRSG’s jobs and competencies content combines thousands of hours of research with leading technology. The end result: jobs and competencies that are highly relevant, validated across a broad range of occupations and industries, and regularly updated to reflect the continued evolution of your workforce.


Leading-edge Career Path Navigation Software 

Empower your employees to chart a path to success within your organization. CompetencyCore can show your workforce a visual roadmap towards new opportunities including vertical and lateral roles within your company.  


Dynamic Software Solutions to Enable Success

CompetencyCore puts the power in your hands to put jobs and competencies at the core of your organization's career management programs. Map your organization's world of work and give your team the intuitive tools to navigate through it.


Karen Cowrie

HR Officer - Planning, Training & Development at Phoenix Park Liquid Gas Processors


"The software is completely user-friendly and is all encompassing for any competency-based project that companies may want to embark upon. After using CompetencyCore for our HR needs, we’ve experienced improved alignment, compliance, and satisfaction within our organization."

Deborah Warner

VP of Professional Development at Institute of Management Accountants


"[The software] gives our members the ability to measure themselves against our competency framework, and to identify skill deficiencies for their current job or aspirational jobs. Anybody who uses it loves it, and they are impressed with how thorough it is."

The World's Best Career Pathing Software Solution.

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