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Empower your best talent to find their career path within your organization. 

Create highly effective career pathing programs for your organization, built on visual career pathing navigation software.

Empower your team to see their future in your organization. Elevate your employee engagement programs.

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See Our Career Pathing Software in Action.

Retain great talent.
Here's how CompetencyCore helps you elevate your company's
process with outstanding career pathing programs.

Here's How Our Career Pathing Tool Works:

1. Map skills & behaviors to all your your jobs.

Map skills and behaviors to your existing job descriptions with the click of a mouse, using CompetencyCore's exclusive AI-Suggested Competencies.

2. Empower employees to build their paths.

With the competencies mapped to the jobs in your organization, employees can build their own career paths and see what they need to do to reach their next step, or their dream job.

3. Turn your best talent into your most loyal talent.

Career Path Navigation gives you the tools to show your employees that the best place for them to develop and grow is where they are: within your organization.

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Karen Cowrie

HR Officer - Planning, Training & Development at Phoenix Park Liquid Gas Processors


"The software is completely user-friendly and is all encompassing for any competency-based project that companies may want to embark upon. After using CompetencyCore for our HR needs, we’ve experienced improved alignment, compliance, and satisfaction within our organization."

Deborah Warner

VP of Professional Development at Institute of Management Accountants


"[The software] gives our members the ability to measure themselves against our competency framework, and to identify skill deficiencies for their current job or aspirational jobs. Anybody who uses it loves it, and they are impressed with how thorough it is."