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Job Description Software

Build better job descriptions. Faster.


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Here's how it works:


Here's how CompetencyCore works.

1. Access 1500+ job description drafts or import your own.

Get instant access to the largest repository of editable, high-quality job description templates, all within one software tool. You can also bring your own descriptions in.

2. Use AI Suggestions to edit & customize in 20 minutes or less.

End the frustrating hours of copying-and-pasting. Use CompetencyCore's AI Suggestions to do the heavy lifting, then customize the description to fit your organization.

3. Validate, get sign-off, and move on to the next one.

Easily collect the input you need from others to finalize your description. Get sign-off from the employee to confirm, and move on to your next project.

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Here's how we make it easy.

Animated gif showing the process of adding competencies to a job description in CompetencyCore

Let's make job descriptions painless.

Job descriptions can be painful, but they don't have to be. With CompetencyCore by HRSG, pull from massive content libraries to build new descriptions quickly and easily. It's job description software for the modern world of work.

Animated gif showing the process of adding responsibilities to a job description in CompetencyCore

Use the power of AI to add job responsibilities in a snap.

CompetencyCore's AI-Powered Responsibility Suggestions put the world's best database of job responsibilities in your hands, based on the specific job description you're building.

Animated gif showing the process of creating an interview guide in CompetencyCore

Unlock the true potential of your company's job descriptions.

Your job descriptions have the potential to be so much more than they are right now. With your descriptions created in CompetencyCore, map competencies in minutes and use the live job data to power other key parts of your talent management programs: create interview guides based on the job data, build career pathing programs to engage and retain your talent, and manage all your processes easily.

The best competency content. The tools to implement it in your organizations. And the experts to help show you the way.

“It's all about automation and efficiency that makes it so much easier to manage your stack of roles across the organization... CompetencyCore sped up my project massively.


Neil Penny
L&D Specialist