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Webinar: How to Build Smarter Job Descriptions

Wednesday, May 8 @ 2:00 PM EDT

The world of work has changed. As a busy HR professional, you're already using lots of technology to make your life easier and better. But in many organizations, one thing's remained the same: job descriptions.

So why haven't job descriptions evolved? Actually, they have. 

Join HRSG's Sarah Beckett and Ian Wayne, as they explore the concept of Smart Job Descriptions. What are they? Why are the smartest companies starting to build their job descriptions this way? And how can you implement them in your own organization?

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About the Presenters:


Ian Wayne

With a background in organizational psychology and technology, Ian brings a unique blend of expertise to the field of HR software development. As the Chief Product Officer, he enjoys leading a team of committed individuals to achieve wildly ambitious goals. He loves being able to see his creative visions for product solutions come to life.


Sarah Beckett 

Sarah joined the HRSG team 14 years ago to help empower employees through the use of competencies. Today she serves as the organization's VP of Marketing. As a driving force behind the growth and expansion of HRSG's business, Sarah is a key liaison between the evolving demands of the HR talent market and HRSG's product technology team.

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