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Onboarding for End Users

What are competencies?

Competencies are abilities, skills, knowledge, motivations, or traits that you can observe and define in terms of behaviours required to succeed in a job. They’re the foundation of CompetencyCore.

Diagram of a competency
Screenshot of the Client Focus competency

How competencies are structured

HRSG competencies use a five-level proficiency scale. Each level is defined with a summary and a list of behaviours. These behaviours are objective and observable examples of what this proficiency level looks like in a real-world environment.

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For employees

Competencies help identify strengths, address performance gaps, and plan a successful career path that maximizes potential.
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For managers

Competencies provide a reliable, actionable, and detailed method of evaluating and supporting employees.
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For the organization

Competencies provide a powerful and consistent way to identify, develop, coordinate, and retain top talent.